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Watch Bomberman Jetters Full Movie Download
Watch Bomberman Jetters full movie download and streaming Bomberman Jetters, often abbreviated as "BMJ" by fans, is an anime based on the popular video game series Bomberman created by Hudson Soft. The show ran for a total of 52 episodes in Japan on TV Tokyo. The soundtrack was composed by Kazunori Maruyama. Unlike the Bomberman Bakugaiden anime of the late 1990s, this series is very true to the Bomberman video games. The anime tells the story of the Higehige dan, or "Higehige bandits", who are a group of thieves foiled constantly by the Jetters. The Jetters consist of Mighty, Dr. Ein—the founder as well as Gangu's creator—Birdy, Shout, Bongo, Gangu, and White Bomber—Mighty's younger brother. download Bomberman Jetters full movie HD free full season.


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