Karaoke Girl 2013

Young sex worker Sa is the protagonist of Visra Vichit Vadakan's first feature film. Sa was sent to Bangkok when she was just 15. After three years in a factory, she decided to become a sex worker in order to support her family. Four years later, Vichit Vadakan met her and invited her to be the subject of this film. She documented Sa's life in the city and in the country and also wrote a fictional script for her to act in. Karaoke Girl is made from these building blocks of real life and fiction.

K3 Karaoke 2007

Eerste Karaoke-DVD van K3 Karen, Kristel en Kathleen hebben geen introductie meer nodig. Wat jaren geleden begon als een gooi naar een plaatsje in de finale van de Belgische preselecties voor Eurosong, is intussen uitgegroeid tot een waar succesverhaal in Nederland en Vlaanderen. Vele kinderen zingen de tientallen K3-hits uit volle borst mee, en nu kunnen ze dat ook met behulp van de K3 karaoke-dvd doen. Op de dvd De 3 biggetjes Oya lélé Kuma he Kusjesdag Dokter dokter Ya ya yippee Van al deze K3-videoclips staan op deze DVD drie verschillende versies: de originele videoclip, de karaoke-clip met de stemmen Karen, Kristel en Kathleen, en een karaoke-versie zonder de originele stemmen. De K3 karaoke-DVD is dus goed voor uren zing- en dansplezier. Ongekend succes In 1999 deden Karen, Kristel en Kathleen mee aan de preselecties van het Eurosong met de single 'Heyah Mama’. Dit was het begin van een ongekend succesverhaal.

Karaoke 2005

Panda and Monster turn a Karaoke Bar into a musical battlefield.

Karaoke 2009

Karaoke juxtaposes a young man's idealism with the reality of a changing Malaysia through karaoke videos.

Karaoke 2008

An elderly actress's desperate search for a new role.

Karaoke 2017

Failed musician Vanessa comes home from her stale office job one evening to find a version of herself already inside her own house, and descends into a nightmare from which she struggles to awake.

Karaoke 2015

Karaoke begins as a story about childhood rivalries and a mother’s innocent mistake, causing pre-pubescent dreams of becoming a child star to be devastated and crushed – silently and without incident: until one day, when those feelings of resentment suddenly rise back to the surface upon watching a wandering VHS tape, on which the scene of a star-studded concert takes place. Alongside this grainy colorful footage, the details of that dreaded day begin to reveal themselves, while the hips of a belly dancer shakes, or an angelic voice woos an applauding audience. Gradually, the narrative transforms from an adorable episode from infancy, to a deeply personal and tragic portrayal of memory, loss, and the towering figure that is the mother.

Karaoke! 2013

A man tries to avoid his problems whilst on a night out in a karaoke bar.

Karaoke Man

When an introverted comic book illustrator discovers that the costume of an obscure Eastern European superhero supplies him with the courage to sing Karaoke without fear, he uses his new found voice to woo the bar's cutest waitress, an aspiring singer-songwriter in need of a little magic herself. Will he realize in time, that he can only win her love by learning that the power is not in the suit, but in his heart. An indie romantic comedy filled with quirky characters and even though you may not admit it, reminds you a little of your life.

Laserdisc Karaoke

This tape is 6 hours chock full of karaoke! So many classic hits with so much good rare fun footage! Now you and your whole family can be superstars! Pop this in your VCR, bust out the mic and sound system and blast off into some good ol fashion fun!

Karaoke Superstar 2019

A teenage fangirl gets the chance to meet the idol of her dreams, the online karaoke cam star Serena.

Oil Sands Karaoke 2013

Oil Sands Karaoke is a documentary about five oil patch workers vying to win a karaoke contest in one of the most controversial places on the planet - Northern Alberta's infamous Oil Sands. These five characters know they're at the center of a global controversy and yet they continue to work there under extremely arduous physical conditions for long hours for extended periods without a single day off. Why? Obviously for the high wages. But what could motivate a person in this situation to sing karaoke, let alone take it seriously? A documentary unlike any other, Oil Sands Karaoke will make us laugh, sing along, and perhaps re-examine our biases

Sesame Street: Sesame Sings Karaoke 2003

Get ready for a musical Sesame Street Muppet ® extravaganza! Something’s in the air on Sesame Street that makes everyone want to sing! Elmo and Rosita break into song when they have a playdate, but can’t find each other! Won’t "Somebody Come and Play?" The music goes on into the night when Sesame Street stays up late to sing more songs - karaoke style. Kids of all ages can sing and dance along to renditions of such Sesame Street favorites as "ABC-DEF-GHI," "You Say Hola," "Ladybug Picnic," "New Way to Walk," "Let’s Go Driving," and "People in Your Neighborhood." And the beat goes on - even with forgotten lyrics, stage fright and a broken karaoke machine! Featuring special guest performance clips by Gloria Estefan, Destiny’s Child and Ben Stiller!

Carpool Karaoke 2017

Celebrity pairings ride along in a car together as they sing tunes from their personal playlists and surprise fans who don’t expect to see big stars belting out tunes one lane over. Based on the segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Karaoke 1996

Daniel Feeld, writer of the film Karaoke, starts to believe that his characters are coming alive.

Killer Karaoke 2012

Killer Karaoke is an American game show on truTV. The series debuted on November 23, 2012 and series features contestants attempting to sing in front of a live studio audience while various attempts are made to disrupt their performances. It is based on the British game show Sing If You Can. The program is presented by Jackass star Steve-O with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider as the announcer. It was announced on September 16, 2013, that the series has been renewed for an eight-episode second season with Mark McGrath replacing Steve-O as host. Season 2 will premiere in early 2014.

Karaoke High

Karaoke High was a short-lived New Zealand drama series on TVNZ, the first episode was shown on the TVNZ website one week before it was shown on television. The first series screened week nights between 18 December 2006 and 5 January 2007 as a replacement for Shortland Street over the Summer Holidays. Karaoke High reruns were shown on TV2 at 2.00pm on Saturdays, but it is no longer aired in New Zealand. The show has since been re-run on ABC3 in Australia. Miriama Smith starred, along with Phil Brown who has had numerous roles in shows such as Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune, Power Rangers, The Last Samurai, Luella Miller, The Market, and others. It also show featured dancers, such as Kate Reese. The show was filmed on location at St. Patrick's College, Silverstream.

Karaoke Star Jr.

Karaoke Star Jr. is a reality television show for children that airs on YTV and CMT. This show is just like the show Karaoke Star, except it features kids instead of adults. It is hosted by Paul McGuire and Phil Guerrero. The purpose of the show is to discover Canada's first ever Karaoke Star Jr. The show premiered on YTV and CMT on March 16, 2009 at 7pm ET. New episodes of the show now air every Monday on these stations. Jamiee is the winner from the first season.

Karaoke Fishtank

Karaoke Fishtank was a British late-night television show which based its format on music videos. The show was hosted by a computer animated fish called 'Vince Finn', who introduced each video in turn before it was played in a humorous manner, such as why Norman Cook is also known as 'Fatboy Slim'. In a separate introduction he defended Jennifer Lopez, saying her "arse" is not fat, and has muscle. He concludes this by asking the viewers, to "Just ask that fat bird from Emmerdale!". However, during the play of each video the lyrics would be shown at the bottom of the screen, while a bouncing-fish would move so the viewer if they chose to sing-along, would know what to sing and when. The graphics that produced the lyrics were made with the Windows application winOKE. The show was broadcast on Channel 4 late-night every Friday on their 4Later segments, and ran between 22 September 2000 - 4 February 2001. It was also created by Televirtual, a sister-company to Broadsword Productions, who were the team behind the CITV Anglia Television show Knightmare. Claire Zolkwer of Endermol Entertainment was the main producer and director.

Karaoke Challenge

Karaoke Challenge was a game show that aired on Challenge TV in 1997. It was hosted by a variety of different hosts.

Karaoke Television

Karaoke Television, usually called KTV for short, was a live-action music competition airing on Great Belize Television. It premiered in February 2001 and completed six seasons as of October 30, 2007.

Kazuko's Karaoke Klub

Kazuko's Karaoke Klub was a Channel 4 chat show, hosted by Kazuko Hohki in which she had to interview celebrity guests who then had to sing karaoke. The programme aired at prime time on Thursday evenings in 1989. Guests included Spike Milligan, Jimmy Saville, Lynne Perrie and Margi Clarke.

Say What? Karaoke

Say What? Karaoke was a game show that aired on the American cable television network MTV. The show evolved from the former MTV show: Say What?.

Karaoke on the Maidan

Karaoke on the Maidan - one of the most popular TV projects in Ukraine. Its rates and shares are very high. It was on air during more than 10 years. Ihor Kondratuk is a presenter and coauthor of this TV show. Andrey Kozlov who is a godfather of Kondratuk’s child is as well a coauthor of TV show “Karaoke on the Maidan”. This format had been beamed in Russia on TV channel “31” before it started in Ukraine on TV channel Inter in 1999. TV channel 1+1 bought the right to broadcast it on air in 2007.

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