Sweet Charity 1969

Taxi dancer Charity continues to have Faith in the human race despite apparently endless disappointments at its hands, and Hope that she will finally meet the nice young man to romance her away from her sleazy life. Maybe, just maybe, handsome Oscar will be the one to do it.

Chariots of Fire 1981

In the class-obsessed and religiously divided UK of the early 1920s, two determined young runners train for the 1924 Paris Olympics. Eric Liddell, a devout Christian born to Scottish missionaries in China, sees running as part of his worship of God's glory and refuses to train or compete on the Sabbath. Harold Abrahams overcomes anti-Semitism and class bias, but neglects his beloved sweetheart in his single-minded quest.

Charisma 1999

A seasoned detective is called in to rescue a politician held hostage by a lunatic. In a brief moment of uncertainty, he misses the chance for action. Leaving his job and family without explanation, he makes his way to a mountain forest, encountering a peculiar tree called Charisma.

Charismata 2017

As a rookie detective struggling to find acceptance in a police department defined by a culture of bullying and intolerance, things go from bad to worse when the chief suspect in a series of brutal ritualistic murders takes a personal interest in her. A game of cat and mouse ensues which sees Rebecca’s grasp on reality beginning to spiral out of control, leading to a terrifying climax where she needs to fight for her sanity, her life and maybe even her soul.

Charity 2014

Charity, a sixteen-year-old girl from a traveling family, is forced to cope with her brother’s early release from prison.

Rakht Charitra 2 2010

The sequel carries forward the tale of power and revenge which exploded in Rakht Charitra 1. The rebel leader turned politician, Pratap consolidates his political base but is forced to retread the path of vengeance once again after a rival from the past, Surya Narayan Reddy chooses to avenge the assassination of his family. Surya swears vengeance against Pratap after his family is wiped out in a bomb attack and Pratap is hell bent on decimating his enemy, even if it means separating ways with his mentor and political veteran, Shivaji.

Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity 2018

Seth Rogen and friends combine stand-up, sketches and music for an outrageous comedy special that could only come from the mind of Seth. Guests include Tiffany Haddish, Sarah Silverman, Michelle Wolf, John Mulaney, Michael Che, David Chang, Ike Barinholtz, Chelsea Peretti, Kumail Nanjiani, Jon Lovitz, Jeff Goldblum, Sacha Baron Cohen, Nick Kroll, Post Malone, Chris Hardwick, and Craig Robinson & The Nasty Delicious.

Chariot 2013

Seven strangers find themselves unwitting participants in a U.S. government evacuation program gone horribly wrong.

84 Charing Cross Road 1987

When a humorous script-reader in her New York apartment sees an ad in the Saturday Review of Literature for a bookstore in London that does mail order, she begins a very special correspondence and friendship with Frank Doel, the bookseller who works at Marks & Co., 84 Charing Cross Road.

Ghost Writer 2007

John Vandermark (Cumming) has taken in a struggling writer, Sebastian St. Germain (Boreanaz), who overstays his welcome. When John discovers that Sebastian has simply been using him, he turns the tables on his young tenant in an effort to make him work off his rent debt. When Sebastian dies accidentally in the process, John tries to make it up to him by helping him get his book published posthumously. When the book is published, John can't help but take credit for the work of genius... and Sebastian comes back to haunt him.

Big Charity 2014

This documentary film includes never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews to tell the story of Charity Hospital, from its roots to its controversial closing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. From the firsthand accounts of healthcare providers and hospital employees who withstood the storm inside the hospital, to interviews with key players involved in the closing of Charity and the opening of New Orleans’ newest hospital, “Big Charity” shares the untold, true story around its closure and sheds new light on the sacrifices made for the sake of progress.

Zero Charisma 2013

An obsessive fantasy nerd gradually becomes unhinged when a charismatic hipster joins his role-playing game

Chariots of Fur 1994

In his ongoing quest to eat a decent meal just once, Coyote is still hunting down the roadrunner, despite a warning from the surgeon general that it can damage your health. Undeterred, Coyote employs bird seed, giant mouse traps (or traps for giant mice?) and springs in an attempt to catch the tricky bird.

Charithram 1989

Philip (Mammootty) is the owner of a financing company. Raju (Rahman), Philip's younger brother is a drug addict and is put under rehab. Convinced that he's out of his habit Philip sends him off to Madras to pursue his studies. However on a subsequent visit to the city Philip realises that Raju has gone back to his old habits. Amidst this Raju steals some money and gets away in Philip's car which meets with an accident killing him. Years later Philip gets married to Cicily (Sobhana) and one day mysteriously Raju comes back to their house alive.

Maro Charitra 2010

Maro Charitra is a 2010 Telugu film, which is an adaptation of the 1978 film of the same name. The film stars Varun Sandesh and newcomer Anita in the lead roles. The film is produced by Dil Raju and directed by Ravi Yadav, Story by K. Bala Chandar, Dialogues by Umarji Anuradha, cinematography by Ravi Yadav of 2008 Hindi film Race.Music is composed by Mickey J Meyer and background score is composed by Thaman. The film released on 25 March 2010. The trailer released recently got a huge response. The film received negative feedback and was a flop at the box office.

Chariton's Choir 2005

Chariton Ulianov has one great love: Life! That particular love affair however does not hamper him in his pursuit of enjoyment of her simpler pleasures. For him every woman is beautiful, every wine is superior when shared with good company and every situation an opportunity for good humor. His position as School Master in a small provincial town on the island of Corfu gives him the opportunity to disseminate his own unique philosophy especially to the students that participate in his greatest passion: the choir.


An elderly man, is stretched out on a table, his naked body is covered by a thin gauze. A young girl observes him in silence. Something unusual will happen among the two. The time is indefinite and it's operated as a Carillon and it will have unfortunately, a limited duration.

Charisma 1996

Ji Hoon, who showed great promise as an athlete, is released from jail after serving time for his friend Dong Jin's crime. Dong Jin is now the head of a mob organization and he tries to lure Ji Hoon to work for him. Ji Hoon tries to start over and begins a job in a stable and refuses to work for Dong Jin when Dong Jin's men approach him. But Dong Jin is relentless in his pursuit of his old friend. He will do what it takes to bring Ji Hoon into his organization. As Ji Hoon continues to refuse his offer, Dong Jin gets his one and only sister involved. By using Soo Ah as bait, Dong Jin tries to convince Ji Hoon to come to him. Meanwhile, Dong Jin's father ridicules his younger brother, Dong Suk, being a good-for-nothing ingrate. Dong Suk, in an attempt to prove himself to his family, takes things too far. He takes his brother's men on a raid of a local nightclub.

Charité at War 2017

Berlin, 1888. After penniless Ida’s life is saved at the Charité Hospital she must work off the treatment costs. While she becomes acquainted with the most brilliant physicians of this era at the world-famous hospital, the self-determined young woman discovers her passion for medicine.

Charitraheen 2018

Hoichoi Originals presents “Charitraheen”, based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, with the twists and turns being much in sync with today’s world.

Young Charioteers 2015

Yau Tat and Yip Fai Ting became high school friends due to a cycling competition, but lost contact with each other after Yip Fai Ting had to return to Taiwan for family reasons. Years later, they meet again at an accounting firm. Yau Tat's boss, Ling Hei, likes to play office politics and often drives a wedge between colleagues. It causes a grudge between Yau Tat and Yip Fai Ting. Fortunately, the secretary Wu Sam Lam is very considerate and encouraging towards Yau Tat. His mother, Yau Wing Ci wants to make them a couple, but Yau Tat does not want to start a relationship because of his family burdens. This is until he meets Yeung Gwong, who happens to be Yip Fai Ting's childhood friend and a fellow accountant. However, Yau Tat is hesitant to move forward because of Yip Fai Ting's feelings for Yeung Gwong. In addition, dealing with the office politics on a daily basis makes them lose sight of their goals in life. Finally, Yau Tat and Yip Fai Ting decide to put aside everything and return to the cycling track to rediscover their fighting spirit and friendship.

Le bazar de la charité 2019

Paris, May 4, 1897. A devastating fire destroys in a few minutes the Bazaar of Charity, the building housing a very popular charity event, making more than 120 dead; mainly women of high society and their staff. On this occasion, three women, Adrienne De Lenverpre, Alice De Jeansin, and her good Rose Rivière see their fate turned upside down. Impersonation, forbidden love, radical change of life, emancipation, this mini-series plunges us into Parisian society at the end of the 19th century, following the romantic destiny of its three heroines.

The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler 2012

Adolf Hitler is infamous today as a war criminal - arguably one of the worst war criminals in history. Yet during the 1930s he was loved by millions of Germans. How was this possible? In this fascinating series, award-winning historian and documentary maker Laurence Rees examines the background to Hitler's 'charismatic' rule.

Housewife & Detective 1999

This comical suspense drama centers around Kaoru, a divorced female detective, and Hinako, a housewife married to a detective. Hinako can't keep her curious nature bottled and is constantly trying solve the cases her husband talks about at the dinner table. Kaoru inevitably sees what she is up to and tries to keep her from getting in the way, but sometimes the determined housewife suprises everyone with her simple observations!

Charity You're a Star

Charity You're a Star is a talent contest created by Raidió Teilifís Éireann, in which various Irish celebrities sang to raise money for the charity of their choice. The show was aired live from Dublin City University's theatre, The Helix. The first season was named You're a Star Charity Special, which was conceived to be a variation of parent programme You're a Star. However it was much more successful that originally thought, so later seasons were called Charity You're a Star to imply more independence and permanence.

30 Days with Charice 2010

Never before seen moments with family and fans as the seventeen year old pop superstar travels the world promoting her new self titled album and No. 1 Dance Single, "Pyramid." Reaching worldwide fame with a singular voice that made her an internet phenomenon, Charice takes viewers on a personal journey from Manila to Chicago, where she graces Oprah's stage for the fifth time.

Charity Lords of the Ring

Charity Lords of the Ring is an Irish reality television competition, broadcast on RTÉ One. Presented by Lucy Kennedy and ex-boxer Barry McGuigan, the four-part series follows ten personalities compete for their charity of choice, in the field of boxing. British broadcaster BBC is reported to be interested in the show. Charity Lords of the Ring is broadcast over four episodes on 15 August, 18 August, 19 August and 22 August 2009. It is produced by Screentime ShinAwil and sponsored by Sona Vitamins. Over €100,000 is anticipated to be donated to the charities involved, with €26,000 going to the winner. The show marks the television production debut of Brian Ormond. One of the contestants left the show before broadcasts began due to a potentially life-threatening swelling to the brain. The show's finalists were Paul Martin and Sean Gallagher. The final was attended by several females including socialite and model Rosanna Davison, pop singer, television personality, and sometime glamour model Michelle Heaton as well as Pippa O'Connor and Tara Sinnott. Seán Gallagher, despite having only partial eyesight, won the series.

Tung Wah Charity Show

Tung Wah Charity Show is a long-run charity television show raising funds for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in Hong Kong. It is held in Television Broadcasts Limited annually at a Saturday or Sunday in December. It started from a charity show in an entertainment show Enjoy Yourself Tonight. Unlike other charity show on television, it runs from prime time until 12am. Immediately after the evening news, this show resumes until 2 in the mid-night. The total amount of time on air is 6.5 hours. Cantonese opera is the core of the show. The master San Ma Shi Tsang was the famous one performed a section of Cantonese opera every years until his decease and crowned as the king of charity singer. Other performance like acrobats and singing has been seen on the show. Many stunts performed in the charity show are record holder of Guinness World Records. Various English translation of the show name: ⁕Tung Wah Charity Gala ⁕Tung Wah Charity Show ⁕Tung Wah Hospital Annual Charity Show ⁕Tung Wah Hospitals Charity Evening ⁕Tung Wah Night ⁕Tung Wah Show The Chinese name means joy fills Tung Wah. In 1986, the former Hong Kong Governor Edward Youde died from a heart attack in his office in Beijing. The Chinese name changed to 愛心滿東華 since it was hardly any joy at that moment.

Rome's Chariot Superstar 2019

In 90 A.D., ancient Rome played host to a sporting spectacle that attracted crowds three times the size of the Colosseum?s gladiator games: chariot racing. Every week, 150,000 fans packed the massive Circus Maximus, not just to cheer on the speed, fury, and danger of the races, but to witness the champion charioteer, Flavius Scorpus. Examine his improbable rise from young slave to arguably the most successful competitor in the sport?s history.

Blonde Charity Mafia 2009

Blonde Charity Mafia was a reality television series produced by Patty Ivins and Julie Pizzi that followed the lives of three socialites whose lives revolved around charity events. The show did not air in the United States. It was, however, shown on MTV Australia, MTV UK, and MTV New Zealand, as well as on Star! and other channels in about a dozen other countries.

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