Nana, the True Key of Pleasure 1983

In Zola's Paris, an ingenue arrives at a tony bordello: she's Nana, guileless, but quickly learning to use her erotic innocence to get what she wants. She's an actress for a soft-core filmmaker and soon is the most popular courtesan in Paris, parlaying this into a house, bought for her by a wealthy banker. She tosses him and takes up with her neighbor, a count of impeccable rectitude, and with the count's impressionable son. The count is soon fetching sticks like a dog and mortgaging his lands to satisfy her whims.

The Maid 2009

Raquel has been the live-in housekeeper for a kind, reasonably wealthy family for half her life, and the joyless repetition of the job has begun to take its toll. Increasingly dependent on painkillers, Raquel resorts to pranks and childish avoidance to antagonize the family’s college-age daughter and a procession of new servants, all in the hopes of protecting her precarious power within the home. Her antics successfully push everyone away, until new maid Lucy actually pushes back.

Nana 1926

A government official, Count Muffat, falls under the spell of Nana, a young actress. She becomes his mistress, living in the sumptuous apartment which he provides for her. Instead of elevating herself to Muffat's level, however, Nana drags the poor man down to hers - in the end, both lives have been utterly destroyed.

Nana 2011

Nana is 4 years old and lives in a stone house beyond the forest. Back from school, a late afternoon, all she finds is silence in the house. A journey into the darkness of her childhood. The world from her height.

Nana 2015

The documentary Nana is the portrait of a seventy-year-old trans woman who lives in Thessaloniki. The combination of narrative, observation and archival footage creates an image of her chequered past, as well as the hard everyday life a trans person faces in Greek reality.

Naná 1985

Based on the Émile Zola same name novel. The life of Nana, a French prostitute of the 19th century. The film includes numerous musical acts performed by Irma Serrano.

Nana 1934

Young Parisian Nana wards off of a boozed-up military officer at a local restaurant, and fellow diner Gaston Greiner is so impressed with her pluck that he decides to make her a performer at his musical theater. Soon, Nana is a star, and the girlfriend of Greiner and two other men. But when he learns that she's been getting around, Greiner fires her. As she tries to reclaim her singing job while dodging yet other suitor, her treachery might get the better of her.

Nana 1955

Nana or Nanà is a French-Italian film by Christian-Jaque starring Charles Boyer. It is an adaptation of Émile Zola's novel Nana.

Nana 1970

This adaptation of Emile Zola's novel "NANA," is about the sexual liaisons of a woman who through her relationships with different men, enjoys a life of pleasure and luxury. However, her lavish life-style does not always bring happiness.

Nanà 2005

Inmigrants search for a new life.

Nana 1997

A drama directed by Miguel Alexandre.

Nanà 1917

When the vivacious and beautiful Nana bombs at the Théâtre des Variétés, she embarks on the life of a courtesan, using her allure and charisma to entice and pleasure men.

Nana 2007

While on Night Patrol, Nana (Mitjili Napanangka Gibson) and other old Aunty (Noreen Robertson Nampijinpa) stop some grog runners from entering the community and decide to teach them a lesson.

Nanã 2017

In a port and industrial complex, the population faces the process of gentrification of the territory. Resistance is the earth.

Nana 2018

Maryla Michalowski-Dyamant, born in Poland, survived Ravensbruck, Malchow, and Auschwitz, where she was the forced translator of the “Angel of Death”, Dr. Mengele. She dedicated her post-war life to publicly speaking of her survival to the young generations, so that it would never be forgotten or repeated. Alice and Serena, her daughter and granddaughter, explore how Maryla’s fight against intolerance can continue today, in a world where survivors are disappearing, and intolerance, racism and antisemitism are on the rise.

Nana Mouskouri: Nana Swings 2002

Talented Greek singer Nana Mouskouri presents a crowd-pleasing set of live music, featuring popular standards such as "Mack the Knife," "I Get a Kick Out of You," "Someone to Watch Over Me," "Our Love Is Here to Stay," "Moondance" and more. With fluency in many languages including Greek, French, English, Spanish and Italian, Mouskouri has become an international sensation, selling millions of records around the world.

Tess and Nana 2008

13-year-old Tess wants nothing more than to escape the dilapidated house she shares with her sick grandmother, Nana, so she does something drastic to get the attention of her real estate agent mother.

Nana Benz 2012

Nana Benz is the story of the legendary queens of the West African mercer, self-made women, coming out of nowhere, building empires. These women were heroes to the people, Mercedes driver at the West African coast. They influenced the history of Togo and were witnesses of the fights for independence, the dictatorship till the globalization nowadays. Thomas Böltken manages to establish closure to the protagonists by letting their heirs - grandchildren, widows, lovers - speak.

Nana 2006

Nana is a 2006 anime series based upon the manga of the same name. It centers on two girls with the same name and of the same age, crossing paths and ending up living together in Tokyo.

Nanana's Buried Treasure 2014

Disowned by his father, Jugo Yama has run away from home to the island of Nanae. He begins to live by himself, only to discover his room is haunted by the ghost of Nanana Ryugajo. She was murdered ten years ago, and her killer must be found before she can rest in peace. Before her death, Nanana collected things from all over the world and hid them throughout the island. Using the mysterious powers of these hidden items, they should be able to find the culprit. As Jugo begins his hunt for her collection, however, he discovers he's not the only person searching.

Nanako SOS 1983

Nanako SOS is a seinen manga series created by Hideo Azuma which ran in Popcorn and Just Comic from April 1980 to July 1986. The series was adapted into 39-episode anime TV series produced by Kokusai Eiga which aired on the Fuji Television network from April 2, 1983 to December 24, 1983. Azuma created additional manga stories which ran in Azuma Magazine from July 2001 to July 2004. Enoki Films held the North American distribution rights of TV series, under the name Nana the Supergirl, though the series was never aired in North America. The TV series has also aired in Italy, France, Germany and Russia.

7O3X Fastest Finger First 2017

As soon as he entered high school, the first year student Koshiyama Shiki was invited to the mysterious Quiz Study Group led by his senpai. What will Shiki run into when being dragged along by his class mate Mari into the dazzling world of competitive quizzes?!

Haitai Nanafa 2012

Nanafa Kyan lives in Okinawa with her grandmother who runs the "Kame Soba" soba shop, her beautiful older sister Nao who is in high school, and her younger sister Kokona, who is in elementary school and has a strong ability to sense the supernatural. One day, Nanafa witnesses a seal fall off of a Chinese banyan tree, and three spirits who live in that tree are unleashed. These spirits include Niina and Raana, who are "jimunaa" spirits. The third spirit is Iina, who is an incarnation of an Okinawan lion statue. As spirits start appearing one after other, the peaceful life of Nanafa and her family begins to change.

The Seven Deadly Sins 2014

The “Seven Deadly Sins”—a group of evil knights who conspired to overthrow the kingdom of Britannia—were said to have been eradicated by the Holy Knights, although some claim that they still live. Ten years later, the Holy Knights have staged a Coup d'état and assassinated the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. Elizabeth, the king's only daughter, sets out on a journey to find the “Seven Deadly Sins,” and to enlist their help in taking back the kingdom.

The Powerpuff Girls 1998

The Powerpuff Girls is a animated television series about Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three kindergarten-aged girls with superpowers, as well as their "father", the brainy scientist Professor Utonium, who all live in the fictional city of Townsville, USA. The girls are frequently called upon by the town's childlike and naive mayor to help fight nearby criminals using their powers.

Nanaka 6/17 2003

Nanaka 6/17 is a 12-tankōbon manga and 12-episode anime series created by Ken Yagami. The manga was published by Akita Shoten, while the anime was aired on TV Tokyo. The series is licensed for distribution in the United States by ADV Films. The manga was initially licensed by Studio Ironcat, but all plans on release were dropped with the company's bankruptcy.

Nanako and Nanao 2004

Nanako is an ordinary high school girl who lives with her mother, who is a taxi driver. One day, suddenly she has a younger brother - Nanao, the son of her late father's mistress. While Nanao's mother is being put in jail, Nanako's mother decides to take care of him. Nanako doesn't like it at all. Everything Nanao does irritates her. Shortly afterwards, Nanako's mother becomes very sick. In fact, she doesn't have much time left. Since she is in hospital, Nanako is forced to live with Nanao alone...

Whispers from a Crime Scene 2016

When this happens though, she blacks out. Even in her day-to-day life, she can hear people's evil intentions and true colors and senses their lies and deception. That is why she always wears headphones in order to shut out people's emotions. She works well with her colleagues at the "Red Spider Lily" (Higanbana) unit, who are all brutally honest acid-tongued women with no qualms about speaking their minds. "Red Spider Lily" is an eclectic unit that includes a science geek, a single mom, and a woman who grew up abroad. Seen by many as a department that's been taken off the main career track, "Red Spider Lily" turns out to be full of fabulous detectives!

Toho Nanahun 2015

32-year-old Kurosaki Yoriko has no man, no friends and no job. She starts to live alone for the first time and comes in touch with a new world. This is the story of the small incidents that occur within a 7-minute walking distance from her apartment.

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