Shirley Valentine 1989

Wondering what has happened to herself, now feeling stagnant and in a rut, Shirley Valentine finds herself regularly talking to the wall while preparing her husband's chips and egg. When her best friend wins a trip-for-two to Greece Shirley begins to see the world, and herself, in a different light.

Shirley: Visions of Reality 2013

A series of snapshots from the life of a fictional actress named Shirley serves to weave together thirteen paintings by Edward Hopper (e.g. "Office at Night", "Western Motel", "Usherette", "A Woman in the Sun") into a fascinating synthesis of painting and film, personal and political history. Each station in Shirley’s professional and private life from the 1930s to 1960s is precisely dated: It is always August 28/29 of the year in question, as the locations vary from Paris to New York to Cape Cod.

Straight Talk 1992

Honest and straightforward small-town Shirlee Kenyon chucks her boyfriend and heads for Chicago. Accidentally having to host a radio problem phone-in show, it is clear she is a natural and is hired on the spot. But the station insists she call herself Doctor, and as her popularity grows a local reporter starts digging for the truth. Problem is, the more he is around her the more he fancies her.

Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story 2001

As America struggled through the Great Depression in the 1930s, a little girl with big dimples and indescribable charm danced her way into the hearts of moviegoers around the world.

What a Mess! 1995

The story starts in a Siberia where world's biggest diamond was found. It is so valuable that it may not only pay off the enormous national debt, but also allow every Russian citizen to move to the Canary Islands. However, Mafia plans to steal the massive gem but a notorious thief, Vasia, ruins their plans. Mafia and militia begin chasing him, but soon Vasia learns that he has brothers as between the chase he runs into well known Jewish conductor and a gypsy baron who are triplet brothers.

Shirley Bassey - You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet 1985

In 1985 Dame Shirley Bassey gave a performance to help raise money for the 1986 Commonwealth games that were held in Edinburgh in Scotland. Dame Shirley sang four songs: Nobody does it like me, Arthur's theme, You ain't heard nothing yet and This is my life.

Yours Truly, Shirley 2019

A 50-year-old widow who hasn’t quite moved on from her husband’s death convinces herself that a pop star is the reincarnation of her dead husband. But is it really all in her head? And just how far will she go to prove it isn’t?

Shirley and Baby 2019

Shirley is a transvestite boy working as a prostitute with a 50-year-old woman, Baby. Living together they will finally get to know who they really are.

Shirley 2011

Shirley is the youngest of eight children from a mixed race marriage. By the time she is a toddler the family have moved to the all white area of Splott and by the time she is 12 Shirley has discovered she has an extraordinary voice and can earn money singing in pubs around the docks after her father if jailed for sexual crimes. As a young teenager she begins singing and dancing in 'coloured review shows'. But it is a chance meeting with struggling agent Mike Sullivan that changes her life forever. He promises to make her a star, but has no idea of the personal sacrifice that will mean for the teenaged Shirley.

Two Raging Grannies 2013

Raging Grannies is a touching and thought-provoking documentary that challenges the idea that we must continue to shop, consume, amass, and keep the economy growing.


A famous Horror writer finds inspiration for her next book after she and her husband take in a young couple.

David Walliams Celebrates Dame Shirley Bassey 2016

Ahead of her 80th birthday in Janurary 2017, comic actor David Walliams hosts this special night of entertainment paying tribute to Welsh diva Dame Shirley Bassey. Featuring songs, interviews and comedy sketches.

Runt Page 1932

A kids parody of the Academy nominated movie The Front Page (1931).

Jason and Shirley 2015

Based on a true story, Jason and Shirley recreates the 1966 power struggle between Jewish, Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Shirley Clarke and her subject, Jason Holiday, a fierce black gay queen over a 12-hour marathon filming session which gave rise to Clarke's iconic documentary Portrait of Jason.

Captain January 1936

Shirley lives with a lighthouse keeper (Kibbee) who rescued her when her parents drowned. A truant officer (Haden) decides she should go to boarding school, but she's rescued by relatives. Buddy Ebsen dances "At The Codfish Ball" with Shirley.

Shirley 1972

Shirley shares her masturbatory pattern while a narrator describes each of the steps in self-sexual exploration. She is first seen in the bathroom showering, drying, and brushing her hair luxuriously. In the bedroom she moves and strokes her body sensuously, gradually focusing in on her breasts and genitals. She then uses a vibrator on these areas, and moves into an exuberant orgasm. Close-ups show the vaginal area contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle during orgasm. Her delight continues to be visible after her orgasm, as she caresses and stretches her body.

Shirl's Neighbourhood

Shirl's Neighbourhood was an Australian afternoon children's television series aired on the Seven Network between 1979 and 1983. The half-hour show featured former Skyhooks frontman Graeme "Shirley" Strachan and co-host Liz Rule alongside a cast of characters including Norm The Kangaroo, Ol' Possum, Claude The Crow, Stanley The Snake, Greenfinger the Garden Gnome, Yippee the Bunyip, Bartholomew the Sheep and a band of monkeys. Franciscus Henri appeared in the show as a regular, both as himself presenting musical segments and as "Professor Henri" in comical sketches. He left the show in October 1980. Norm the Kangaroo was played by Don Bridges. The other characters were puppets created and brought to life by Ron Mueck.

Laverne & Shirley 1976

Laverne & Shirley is an American television sitcom that ran on ABC from January 27, 1976 to May 10, 1983. It starred Penny Marshall as Laverne De Fazio and Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney, single roommates who worked as bottlecappers in a fictitious Milwaukee brewery called "Shotz Brewery." The show was a spin-off from Happy Days, as the two lead characters were originally introduced on that series as acquaintances of Fonzie. Set in roughly the same time period, the timeline started in approximately 1958, when the series began, through 1967, when the series ended. As with Happy Days, it was made by Paramount Television, created by Garry Marshall, and executive produced by Garry Marshall, Edward K. Milkis, and Thomas L. Miller.

The Mork & Mindy / Laverne & Shirley / Fonz Hour 1982

Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour is a 1982 cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears Productions in association with Paramount Network Television, featuring animated versions of characters from Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley, and Happy Days, all part of the same franchise. This Saturday morning series lasted for one season on ABC. This show was divided into two segments, entitled Mork & Mindy and Laverne & Shirley with the Fonz.

Shirley's World 1972

Shirley's World is a television series aired first by American Broadcasting Company during the U.S. 1971-72 television season. The sitcom was co-produced by the British ITC Entertainment and American producer Sheldon Leonard; it starred Shirley MacLaine as a photojournalist and John Gregson as her editor. Immediately after the ABC broadcasts ended, the seventeen-episode series was aired in its entirety on ITV in the United Kingdom.

Shirley Temple's Storybook 1958

Shirley Temple's Storybook is an American children's anthology series hosted and narrated by actress Shirley Temple. The series features adaptations of fairy tales like Mother Goose and other family-oriented stories performed by well-known actors, although one episode, an adaptation of The House of the Seven Gables, was meant for older youngsters. The first season of sixteen black-and-white and colored episodes aired on NBC between January 12, 1958 and December 21, 1958 as Shirley Temple's Storybook. Thirteen episodes of the first season re-ran on ABC beginning on January 12, 1959. The second season of twenty-five color episodes aired on NBC as The Shirley Temple Show between September 18, 1960 and July 16, 1961 in much the same format that it had under its original title. Temple's three children made their acting debuts in the last episode of the first season, "Mother Goose". When a stagehand said 'shit' during a "Mother Goose" rehearsal, Temple had him fired, telling the stunned cast it was a children's show–although no children were present during the rehearsal. Three of the first season episodes were done live, and each of the three took ten days of preparation. Temple read each script and made suggestions for improvement if necessary.

Shirley 1979

Shirley is an American comedy-drama television series that aired from October 26, 1979 until January 25, 1980.

The Adventures of Shirley Holmes 1997

The Adventures of Shirley Holmes is a Canadian mystery TV series that originally aired from 1997 to 2000. The show was created by Ellis Iddon and Phil Meagher who had produced a successful series of books with Harper Collins, teaming up with Credo and Forefront to develop the TV series. Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the series follows the life of Shirley Holmes, the great grand-niece of Sherlock Holmes who, with the help of ex-gang member Bo Sawchuk, tackles a variety of mysteries in and around the fictional Canadian city of Redington. On some occasions, she found herself matching wits with archnemesis Molly Hardy. The show has been broadcast in over 80 countries and has been dubbed in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, Polish and Turkish. Her performance in the show led to actress Meredith Henderson being nominated for a Gemini Award in 1998 and winning one in 1999. The show itself was twice nominated for a Gemini Award in the category "Best Children's or Youth Program or Series" in 1998 and eventually won it in 1999. In the spring of 1998 Susin Nielsen won a Gemini Award in the category "Best Writing in a Children's or Youth Program" for her screenplay of the episode "The Case of the Burning Building". In the same year, Elizabeth Stewart won a WGC Award from the Writers Guild of Canada for her writing of the episode "The Case of the Maestro's Ghost".

Laverne & Shirley in the Army 1981

Laverne & Shirley in the Army is a 1981 Hanna-Barbera cartoon series based on the TV show Laverne & Shirley, with the title characters voiced by Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams. The show aired on Saturday mornings for one season of 13 episodes on ABC. The series was produced in association with Paramount Network Television. The show was a spin-off of Laverne and Shirley, which was itself a spin-off of Happy Days, which was itself a spin-off of Love, American Style. The show is, therefore, a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off.

John en Shirley

John en Shirley was a sitcom aired weekly on ABS-CBN. The show was a spin-off from the original John En Marsha, which was the longest-running primetime comedy sitcom in Philippine television history. On 2006, the classic 70's sitcom was revived on ABS-CBN under the new title, John En Shirley. Dolphy and Maricel were the only ones from the original cast. One of the original cast members, Evelyn Bontogon as Matutina and Isko Salvador as Isko, made an appearance on one of the episodes.

High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman 2005

High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman is a British television comedy show broadcast on BBC Three It features character comedian Marc Wootton playing an effete and slightly vicious fake medium/psychic. It is narrated by Patrick Stewart, with animated sequences by Rex Crowle produced by onedotzero. The character of Shirley Ghostman is sometimes considered to be a parody of the supposed act of controversial psychic, Derek Acorah and contains actual satirical references to the television show 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry in Shirley's opening speech to the audience. The show was very successful on BBC Three and was set to move to BBC Two in the summer of 2005.

The Shirley Abicair Show

The Shirley Abicair Show is an Australian television variety series which aired in 1958. The series was produced with the intention of running for nine episodes. Two of the episodes were produced and aired live in Melbourne by station GTV-9, the other seven were produced in Sydney by station ATN-7. In Melbourne it occupied the time-slot previously held by The Astor Show. Apart from Abicair, other performers who made appearances during the run of the series included singer Jimmy Parkinson, singer Bill McCormack, singer Toni Lamond, singer Ted Hamilton, harmonica group The Three Winds, vocal group The Moontones, violinist Maurice Stead, Arthur Duncan, singer Bill French, The Tunetwisters, Graeme Bell and Bill Newman

Our Shirley Valentine Summer 2018

Melinda Messenger, Sian Lloyd, Nancy Dell'Olio, Aggie MacKenzie, Ninia Benjamin, Lizzie Cundy, Annabel Giles and Ingrid Tarrant escape to a Greek island for the summer – rediscovering themselves and even looking for love. Under the glow of the Mediterranean sun the cast will live together under one roof, as they discover the islands, the challenges of communal living and the ups and downs of dating.

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