Faded Memories 2008

The story of two teens, Cassandra and Lucas, as they get involved in a timeless love story against many odds.

Faded Color 2013

"Faded Color" is an alchemical film created to reprogram the self activation effect made by beauty advertising. It uses repetitive body gestures to deconstruct a woman's body shown in a hair color commercial. Through chemical transformation, it's faded color symbolizes the paradox of beauty. Hand processed with added Clairol Hair Color in Shade #2 on 16mm.

Faded Dreams 2007

Young basketball star Dan Milano has all the makings of a pro player -- talent, skill and determination. But as he sets out to make his dream come true, Dan learns that in the world of professional basketball, talent only gets you so far. Based on a true story, this telling drama exposes the politics and corruption that run rampant in organized sports.

Mike Epps: Under Rated & Never Faded 2009

Stand-up performance filmed at the historic Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI., Epps gets the house rocking with his unique and hilarious observations of married men, black/white family dynamics and a spot-on impersonation of a popular crime scene investigation series. Legendary hip hop emcee Doug E. Fresh also makes a special appearance.

The Faded Lilies 1909

A disfigured violinist mistakes a token of appreciation for a love bouquet. When he realizes his mistake, he loses his mind.

Faded Photograph 2018

FADED PHOTOGRAPH is a documentary in which the filmmaker traces the existence of her father, who died when she was 12, through a montage of his memoirs. From family films shot by her paternal grandfather and her father between 1954 and 1998, and the diaries he wrote during his life, the director tells the story of an ordinary man whose personal memory echoes a collective memory : one of a generation bursting out of Quebec's great darkness in which freedom is also synonym of disorientation. Thus begins a dialogue marked by nostalgia, between joyful videos and tormented writings, which soon becomes universal.

Daylight Fades 2010

Elizabeth and Johnny, each of whose pasts have been sorrowful, find salvation in each the other. Theirs is a romance that knows no bounds until an accident leaves one in a coma and their burgeoning love ripped apart. Enter the guarded Seth who has been keeping a watch over the shattered Elizabeth. He resolves to do what it takes to save Johnny even if that means the only way to prolong his life, which hangs in the balance, is by turning him into a vampire. Shot in Memphis Tennessee from a reinvigorating fresh perspective, Daylight Fades conjures a heartbreaking experience of love found and lost and reborn, the depths of despair and the profound connections we break in the mending of our hearts.

The ink fades in waves 2016

In Ancient Greek the word Natura (physis) meant that which is being born, it’s the constant rebirth. Combined with the curiosity of exploring the classics of Japanese Painting, in particular the theme of Nature (landscapes, trees and plants) which is usually associated with the seasons and time, there was also an interest in the relation between the constant growth of the natural elements and the apparent fixity of human constructions which as Ruy Belo reminds us actually undergo the same cycle of life and death: “Oh, the houses the houses the houses/ the houses are born live and die”. The intention was to explore the variations of light, focusing specifically on the details of nature in a constant transformation of the space, through the double exposition of images that were reflected in the windows of a greenhouse at the Ajuda Botanical Garden in Lisbon.

Oripeaux 2015

In a remote village, a little girl befriends a pack of coyotes. But the villagers brutally put an end to this relationship, unaware of the revolution that awaits.

Alice Fades Away

A troubled woman in 1950s New England stumbles upon an isolated farmhouse and is taken in by it's idealistic residents - until a murderous figure from her past arrives.


A man notices that he is being followed by the apparitions of his future self.

Fades and Close-Ups 1978

…was shot in black and white Super 8mm and is accompanied by a soundtrack of drumming and deep breathing. The camera fades in and out on a symmetrical series of lovely, grainy close-ups of the naked, apparently sleeping forms of a male and a female (Huot himself and Carol Kinne). The film is closely related to, and would be especially interesting screened with Willard Maas’ Geography of the Body, Tara Iimura’s Love, and Yoko Ono’s Fly.

Before a Falling Star Fades Away 2015

A 21-year-old university student lost her boyfriend in a sudden accident and she can't get over him, but she begins to change thanks to her family and her friend Takumi, who shares a very similar past with her.

As the Smoke Fades

Documentary film that shares the story of defunct Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan hardcore rock band The Holly Springs Disaster, centered around their 2014 sold-out reunion show performances in Toronto, Ontario.

When the Storm Fades 2018

In this affecting, provocative docudrama from Sean Devlin, a Filipino family reenacts their own experiences of resolutely rebuilding their homes and lives in the wake of the devastation wrought by 2013’s Hurricane Yolanda. Not helping matters are two ineffectual foreign aid workers (Kayla Lorette and Aaron Read) who aren’t quite the white saviours they fancy themselves to be.

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy 2014

Zarina, a smart and ambitious dust-keeper fairy who’s captivated by Blue Pixie Dust and its endless possibilities, flees Pixie Hollow and joins forces with the scheming pirates of Skull Rock, who make her captain of their ship. Tinker Bell and her friends must embark on an epic adventure to find Zarina, and together they go sword-to-sword with the band of pirates led by a cabin boy named James, who’ll soon be known as Captain Hook himself.

The Fades 2011

Seventeen-year old Paul can see the spirits of the dead. When one of these restless spirits crosses back into the living world, he is forced into a fight to prevent the apocalypse.

The Faded Light Years 2018

DI Group’s board member Ding Wen Xiao (Jevon Wang) works hard for the company to be listed in order to fulfill his promise to his father. After many years of preparations, he has almost reached his goal. The success of the upcoming fashion show with DI’s chief designer Mu Ling Shan (Lee Hsin Ai)’s creations will decide upon the company’s fate. But things don’t go as planned. Wen Xiao’s life becomes intertwined with dressmaker Yan Xia (Fei Xing) who owns her own little shop named “The Faded Light Years” in a fisher village. With Yan Xia by his side, betrayals and grudges surface and a conspiracy is uncovered. To Wen Xiao, Yan Xia is like the blazing sun who guides him through the haze.

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