Darah Satria 1983

Lieutenant Arif and Prebet Badul is a member of the army. After several successful operations, they are given leave. When Arif returned to his village, he finds the Rafidah and fell in love with her. Arif then ask permission from the Ministry of Defence of the country to marry Rafidah, but leave was not long and had to go back to duty to defend the country from enemy threats.

Satria 1972

Tells the story of the hunchback ( Satria ) which is often humiliated by the villagers , and he then studied martial arts for justice in his home town

Lela Satria 1961

Datuk Karim Jaya death is good news to Datuk Bandung and his followers who want to seize power.

Mandala, the Tar Tar Conqueror 1988

Two warring kingdoms; Jawadwipa, led by Mandala (Barry Prima) with help from his "demon sword," and Mongolia, led by Ramis Khan (Advent Bangun) and his sister Valas (Yurike Prastica), battle it out in this fantasy adventure.

Saur Sepuh: The Knight of Madangkara 1988

Set at the end of the Majapahit era, Bre Wirabhumi, son of Hayamwuruk, but born from a concubine, demands his right to be king of Majapahit. The kingdom is then ruled by Wikramawardhana, son-in-law of Hayamwuruk.…

MTV Unplugged: Stevie Ray Vaughan with Joe Satriani 1990

"MTV Unplugged" devotes an episode to the work of two guitar virtuosos: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Satriani. Satriani showcases his expressive guitar work with renditions of "The Feeling" and "I Believe." Vaughan performs memorable versions of "Rude Mood" and "Pride And Joy. Recorded 30 January 1990 at National Video Center - New York City. Set List: 1. Open Your Eyes [Jules Shear/Marty Willson-Piper]; 2. Rude Mood [Vaughan]; 3. Pride and Joy [Vaughan]; 4. The Feeling [Satriani, Mover]; 5. I Believe [Satriani, Mover]; 6. Life Without You [Vaughan]; 7. Testify [Vaughan]; 8. May This Be Love [Shear/Satriani/Mover]

Joe Satriani: Satchurated 2012

Satchurated was filmed live on 'The Wormhole Tour' in support of Satriani's new album 'Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards' at the Metropolis in Montreal, Canada on December 12th of 2010. The film will be the first 3D theatrical concert film release with 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Satriani Live 2006

Joe Satriani playing live at The Grove in Anaheim, California, on May 02, 2006.

Joe Satriani - Hellfest 2016 2016

JOE SATRIANI, while perhaps best known for “Surfin’ With The Alien” has had an incredibly long and diverse career. His guitar heroics have found him playing with bands like Deep Purple and Chickenfoot. Having taught modern masters like Steve Vai and Kirk Hammet Joe Satriani is perhaps one of the most influential guitar players in the world. He should be a pleasure watch bring down the house at Hellfest 2016!

Joe Satriani: The Satch Tapes 1993

When Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien hit the street in 1987, people took the record to heart. The unknown artist on the then underground Relativity label struck the right chord with music fans around the world with his powerful signature style. A baffled and astonished record industry could only step back and watch in amazement as Surfing With The Alien went on to defy traditional instrumental rock limitations to become a multi-million selling GRAMMY(r)-nominated critical tour de force. Joe was touted as the soft-spoken maverick, a rock and roll guitar-slinger who proved there was an audience for music that didn't fit into tidy categories and opened the door for the slew of rock instrumentalists who have since followed his path.

Joe Satriani: Surfing with the Alien 2002

Following the runaway success of his album "Surfing with the Alien," guitar icon Joe Satriani delivered this dynamic performance at the 1988 Montreux Jazz Festival. The concert reprises several songs from the album, such as "Circles," "Lords of Karma," "Ice 9" and "Midnight," as well as Satriani's earlier "Hordes of Locusts," "Memories" and "Rubina." Bonus features include classic videos for "Satch Boogie" and "Always with Me, Always with You."

Joe Satriani: Beyond The Supernova 2018

30 years after the release of his multi-platinum selling album, Surfing with the Alien, Joe Satriani searches for the next step in his career. "Beyond the Supernova" is a tour documentary that offers a glimpse into the mind of the guitarist.

Joe Satriani: Live in Paris - I Just Wanna Rock 2010

This very special recording depicts Satriani's stirring May 2008 performance in Paris, France. Some of his most memorable songs, "Surfing With The Alien", "Flying in a Blue Dream", are matched with recent hits like "Super Colossal" and "I Just Wanna Rock." Following the success of his other "live" DVD releases, Satriani Live in 2006 and Live in San Francisco in 2001, Satriani has gained new heights with Live in Paris. The quality of music by the 15-time Grammy nominee is unquestionable, yet the extraordinary editing and artful stage lighting makes this Satriani "live" DVD a pleasure for the new viewer, as well as the long-time fan. An anticipated bonus offering on the Live in Paris DVD is the in-depth interview, unlike any other, with Satriani as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

G3 Live: Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson & Steve Vai 2000

G3: Live in Concert is a live album and DVD by the G3 project, led by Joe Satriani. It was released in 1997 by Epic Records. This lineup of G3 includes Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai. In 2005, a DVD of this concert was also released.