Debu Debu Kasih 1995

Suzana is a 23 year old, music graduate from America. Feeling lonely she followed her friends to Terengganu. Hassan and Mamat like to waste time by playing the guitar and watching people at the Jetty. One day Suzana followed Linda to a picnic at the waterfall. Suzana fell into the water. She was saved by Hassan and Mamat who happened to be there. Feeling obligated, Suzana asked her father to help Hassan and Mamat to cut an album. Suzana was getting very jealous especially when Hassan is always seen to be with Rozie. One day, Suzana confronted Rozie. Rozie introduced herself as a police officer and denied that she is in love with Hassa. Rozie knew that Hassan is facing a problem. Both of them later went to find Hassan. Suzana went to Hassan's house but he was not there. She decided to go to his village. She was puzzled when Hassan's father asked her to see Mamat. She met Mamat infront of a grave and she could not believe that, the grave is Hassan's grave.

Screen of Love 1984

A naive village girl follows her sister to Jakarta and gets involved with female pimp Mrs. Joy.

Suratan Kasih 1996

Sunny is a psychopathic serial killer in the form of composer/musician whose victims are adulterous artistes. His deranged behaviour and actions are the direct result of having witnessed his father murdering his adulterous mother. Meanwhile, Sunny falls in love with Natasha, a new talent he's grooming. Although she has a good reputation, Sunny fails to convince his deranged father of this and Natasha almost becomes a victim of a different sort.

Di Ambang Kasih

Story about a man that need to choose between his wife that been lost for a long time and his sister in law that he already marry after the lost of his wife

Terima Kasih Ibu 2019

The story of the Nile, known as a problematic boy in his school. His mother, Zaitun, did not care about the teacher's advice and sided with his son. Finally Nil was admitted to juvenile school a few months before SPM for the case hit Kimi, to death. Despite being released from juvenile school, Nil did not change but his attitude was worse. Nile became a criminal under the police. Nile becomes a refugee in fear of the severe punishment that will be faced.

Nur Kasih The Movie 2011

Nur Kasih The Movie is a story of how a family faces every test from God. Death of Aidil's wife had a profound impact, especially on Aidil own. He was accompanied by his two children, namely Illyas and Mariam. Aidil's brother named Adam and his wife Nur Amina also helped to inspire Aidil. After Aidil recovered, Adam and Nur Amina returned to the city to live normal lives. After many attempts, finally Nur Amina was pregnant. This good news has make everyone happy, especially Adam himself. But that happiness is not long lasting because it was a miscarriage.

Noesa Penida (Pelangi Kasih Pandansari) 1988

Set in early 20th century Bali, the king of Tabanan is killed, but his daughter, Gusti Ayu Pandansari, survives. She is hidden and raised in a fishing village by loyal followers of the king, I Murda and I Kompyang. Sari is raised along with Murda’s sons, Jaya and Pageh.

Terimakasih Cinta 2019

Eva just enters high school when she meets Ryan, because both belong to a group of student who have a disease during the School Orientation Period. Ryan thinks that Eva is just pretending to be sick like him. An incident makes Ryan take Eva to the hospital and has to be treated. Lupus is the doctor's diagnosis of Eva's disease after a series of tests. Sugiarti and Badarudin, Eva's parents, hesitate to tell Eva about her illness. Her roommate, Dewi, a patient with pancreatic cancer, makes a beautiful friendship. Eva continues to wait for Ryan who does not come again because he is banned by his parents. Dewi also always awaits the presence of her brother, Nanan, who always comes at night when Dewi falls asleep, Nanan is unable to see Dewi suffer. Dewi is devastated when Dewi leaves and Ryan ends their relationship. The same feeling of loss makes Eva and Nanan close.

Kaseh Ibu

Mother's Love is a film Malay film in black and white classic released in 1965 by film companies Ctahy Keris Film. Mrs. Raz film directed by Ahmad Nordin.

Kaseh Sayang 1957

Film Kaseh Sayang is a a Malay film which was published in Malaysia in 1957. The film issued in the form of black and white film without color. After entrusting her baby girl Sukartini to the servant, Kartini leaves Singapore with her husband, Sudanto, to avoid the war. Halimah, the servant takes great care of the child despite her hardship and poverty. After the liberation of Singapore, Kartini returns to take her child back. Halimah is not willing to let go of Sukartini and runs away with her. She is caught eventually and sentenced to a year’s imprisonment. Though Sudanto and his wife win the child over, their hopes are shattered, as the child does not regard them as her parents.

Putus Sudah Kaseh Sayang 1971

Che 'Rostam worked as a bank manager. He has a wife named Rosmah and her young man named Rostam. Rosmah disease paralyzed and just move around the house using a wheelchair. Rostam who often endure the inner silence at home, often attended events organized by his friends. Meanwhile, his son Rosman is often a waste of time hovering in entertainment center, especially in a tea shop where Lisdar working as a waiter. Lisdar was a widow with a daughter who reared by his grandmother in the village. In the workplace Lisdar, also captivated many visitors but are included Rosman. On one night, Rostam was acquainted with at a dinner Lisdar friends. Because of too much alcohol, Rostam was drunk and took lodging at the house Lisdar flat. Meanwhile, Rosmah really never worried because Rostam did not return or stay in place for 21 years, they got married. The next day, when Rostam returned he had lied to his wife ...

Thank You Cinta 2014

Reya and Sisi are high school students, their friendship began in junior high. Both parents divorce Reya and Sisi make their friendship more closely. Friendship Reya and Sisi more colorful with Rangga who secretly loved Sisi. Unfortunately Sisi is not aware of it.

Nur Kasih

Nur Kasih is a Malay TV drama that aired on TV3 in 2009. The series was directed by Kabir Bhatia and starred Tiz Zaqyah, Remy Ishak, Fizz Fairuz, Sharifah Sofia and Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan. "Nur Kasih" translated into English means 'Light of Love'.

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