Online 2013

John w­ilde is a happi­ly married man ­who is about to­ face the bigge­st challenge of­ his life. Late­ one night, joh­n logs into a s­ocial networkin­g site and re-c­onnects with hi­s old high scho­ol flame, adria­nna. What begin­s as a harmless­ hello rapidly ­escalates into ­a rekindling of­ their past rom­ance. Torn betw­een the life he­ once envisione­d with adrianna­ and the life h­e's now buildin­g with his wife­, mary, john so­on discovers th­at there are se­rious consequen­ces to the deci­sions he has ma­de. Now john mu­st try to find ­his way back to­ god and get on­ a path to forg­iveness from ma­ry, god and him­self.

The Husband She Met Online 2013

When hotel event planner Rachel breaks up with her boyfriend John for cheating on her, she decides to go looking online for a new boyfriend. In the expanse of cyberspace, she meets a charming, wealthy man named Craig, who at first, seems perfect. He’s attractive, fun, romantic, and he’s been successfully running his mother’s global real estate company while his mother, Doris travels the world. But Craig is far from perfect. He's obsessive and controlling, and once he sets his sights on Rachel, he has no plans of ever letting go...

Online Crush 2010

Internet flings on a crude knock-off of facebook get various couples in trouble. not the most complex off plots even for a soft-core movie. And granted that would be forgivable if the sex scenes were hot, or if the actresses were all that attractive. Sadly this isn't the case for either of those scenarios. the scenes are mundane by the book affairs, while the actresses are all marginally attractive. also the acting is atrocious which some would think would be way too obvious to mention when speaking of a film of it's ilk, but You'ld be surprised.

The Bride He Bought Online 2015

An unstable computer programmer seeks revenge when he learns he has been duped by three teen girls who created a fictitious mail-order bride that he bought.

The Boy She Met Online 2010

When teenager Cami Winters falls in love, she falls hard. Her single mother, Tori, has no idea that Cami has fallen in love with a boy named 'Jake' she met on a social networking website. Although Cami believes Jake's a 23 year-old college student, everything he's told her online is a lie.


A woman defines her life on how she interacts with people online, disregarding the people in front of her.

For-Profit Online University 2013

The infomercial consists of various students giving testimonies of their success, owing it to the school, literally named For-Profit Online University. The later half of the special introduces the threat of an evil rogue spambot named Howard, who was bribed with a large sum of ThoughtCoins, a digital currency used through the school, in an attempt to placate him.

My Online Bride 2014

An estimated 15 million Brits are currently looking for a partner online. Thanks to the internet and social media, the whole world is now open for love. From Thai romance tours to speed-dating in the Ukraine, will they find 'the one'? And having parted with thousands of pounds, can they really put a price on love?

The Psycho She Met Online 2017

When her husband is hospitalized after a car accident, EMT Karen decides to rent out their spare rooms online. All goes well until Miranda moves in. Miranda quickly infiltrates all areas of Karen’s life. When one of Karen’s renters is found murdered, Karen becomes convinced Miranda was involved but has no idea that kicking her psychotic guest out will send Miranda into a murderous rage.

Online Binline 2015

Online Binline is a 2015 Marathi language film that was directed by Kedar Prabhakar Gaekwad. The film had its theatrical release on 3 July 2015. It stars Siddharth Chandekar, Rutuja Shinde and Hemant Dhome in lead

Online Shopping 2019

A young Iranian woman is selling her belongings online before her upcoming travels to study abroad. One of the customers is a man who behaves strangely.

My Online Valentine 2019

Just when Cozi finds romance with Blaze, the owner of an online dating site, her ex-boyfriend Ajax pops back into her life with plans of his own.

Natalie III - Babystrich online 1998

Natalie (Anne-Sophie Briest) has found a job and a new love. She meets her 14-year-old Miriam, who risks being under the influence of Natalie's ex-pimp. Natalie and the computer nerd Sven research a child pornography ring.

Sword Art Online 2020

Live action adaptation of the Japanese light novel. Follow brilliant young beta tester Kirito and his group of friends when they are trapped - alongside 10,000 other people - in a next-generation virtual reality online role-playing game.

Secret Love Online 2015

Awatsaya (Anne) is a fierce boss who secretly falls in love with her new young subordinate, Pranont (Mark). Because she needs to maintain her image as a professional and boss she conceals this secret. In order to get to know him better and court him, she uses an online chat program, MSN, using the alias ‘Khun Ab Ruk (Secret Love).' Their relationship starts to bloom, but is cut short when Awatsaya carelessly reveals her secret to the handsome and cunning Managing Director of the company Lipda (Peter). When Lipda learns of this secret, he tries to help Awatsaya move forward with Pranont. However, he ends up making everything even more troublesome when he secretly falls in love with Awatsaya. The love triangle between Awatsaya, Pranont, and Lipda is unable to end easily when other obstacle like Prip-Praao (Kim) comes into the picture and pretends to be ‘Khun Ab Ruk.'

Fox Online

Fox Online was an American talk/ news program on the Fox News Channel.

Online Nation 2007

Online Nation is an American reality TV series that premiered on The CW on September 23, 2007. Scouring the endless number of websites, blogs, and user-generated materials on the Internet, Online Nation featured everything and anything that has captured the attention of the online world. In addition, viewers were supposed to be able to communicate with each other live on the air. However, this function was never available, even though in the original promo for the show, it showed the capability. The show was produced by Room 403 Productions. The show premiered on September 23 with that was then the lowest ratings in the network's history, which could be blamed on the program being in one of the network's worst time slots and the network's lax promotion of the series. Only 994,000 viewers caught the premiere of the show. On October 17, 2007, The CW canceled Online Nation, making it the second show to be canceled in the 2007-2008 television season. The comedic duo who hosted the show, Rhett and Link, responded quickly to the cancellation with an internet video.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle 2019

The colony fleet called Oracle travels space in search of a habitable planet. The odyssey is organized by a large explorer organization called ARKS, whom are intent on seeking out and destroying the evil and destructive abominations that lurk the stars known as Falspawn (Darkers in the original Japanese version) so that the universe may someday realize peace. Ash, a young cadet in the ARKS organization, becomes entangled one day in a situation during his graduation ceremony that would later decide the fate of Oracle and the very universe itself.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online 2018

Karen Kohiruimaki always felt out of place in the real world. Due to her extreme height, she found it hard to make friends with other girls her age. Everything changes when she's introduced to VR and Gun Gale Online. In GGO, Karen is free to play the cute, chibi avatar of her dreams! Can Karen find friendship in this bullet-ridden MMO...?

Gep Ruk online

'Gep Ruk'' is the story of a handsome man and his love life with three women in the center of Siam

My Online Nightmare 2017

Accounts of some of the most extraordinary tales of scammers and fraudsters who have used the internet to find their victims and to lure and con them, with terrifying and sometimes deadly results.

Sword Art Online 2012

The players of a virtual reality MMORPG, Sword Art Online, are trapped and fighting for their very lives. After it is announced that the only way to leave the game is by beating it, Kirito—a very powerful swordsman—and his friends take on a quest to free all the minds trapped in Aincrad.

How to Find Love Online 2013

Dawn O'Porter presents the definitive guide to online dating, the biggest phenomenon in our collective love lives since the contraceptive pill.

The Dangers of Online Dating 2017

A dark comedy about a sexual health nurse with a fear of casual sex consequences who decides to get back in the game by dating online.

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation 2016

Itsuki Tachibana is a student of Seiga Academy, a co-ed boarding high school with excellent reputation, located in a suburb outside the city center. On a day of second semester, he was summoned by Rina Izumi, the most esteemed and praised chairperson, to the student council room, without knowing what awaits him.

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