Soweto Gospel Choir - Kae Le Kae

by Soweto Gospel Choir

Zulu Traditional

Jerusalem ikhaya lam
Engi lithandayo
Jerusalem ikhaya lam
Engi lithandayo

Wovezwa nini umzamo
Sengi khumble kuwe

Wobanani amehlo am
Lamasango mahle
Nizi trata zegolide
Zomzi wo sindiso

English - Jerusalem
Jerusalem is my home
That I love so much
My wishes and hopes are for you
My eyes will see beautiful gates
And the street of gold
Of the City of Salvation MALAIKA (My Beautiful Angel)
I love you my angel
I want to marry you to be my wife
But I don't have any money to pay for lobola (dowry)
You're the only angel I think of
You bring happiness to my heart
If I marry you, I'll be the happiest man

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